Options for Missing Teeth

added on: April 18, 2017
Options for Missing Teeth

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Are you missing one or more of your teeth? You’re not alone. Tooth loss is a common problem in adults, as roughly 30% of Americans are without some of their natural teeth. When you lose a tooth, it can affect your ability to eat or speak normally, and your confidence may suffer. It doesn’t have to. There are options for replacing your missing teeth that can actually restore your smile to a healthy state.

Traditional Options

Depending on your situation, there are a few traditional dental options available if you are missing teeth:

  • Fixed bridges: Uses two adjacent healthy teeth as anchors for a prosthetic crown replacement
  • Partials: A removable type of denture that replaces a series of missing teeth
  • Full dentures: An appliance that replicates an entire set of teeth and gum tissue, secured by suction or adhesive
  • Dental implants: Uses a surgically placed post as a “root” for a crown replacement

Are Implants the Best Option?

Generally, anyone who is healthy enough to undergo a routine tooth extraction is a good candidate for dental implants. Because they replace the tooth below the surface, and into the jawbone, they are the most natural option for missing teeth. They keep your bone from deteriorating due to non-use, and stop healthy remaining teeth from shifting to account for the gap left by lost teeth. Other traditional methods don’t promote oral health in the same way as dental implants, and in some case, may even cause wear on your other teeth. Visit our Cordova and Collierville locations to determine if dental implants are the right solution for you.

Additional Dental Implant Solutions

At Sneed Dental Implant and Periodontal Center, we offer several different replacements for missing teeth, restoring functionality, and improving your smile, all through the use of dental implants. We take the traditional replacement options one step further to ensure longevity, durability, and the best solution for a healthy smile. Ask us about:

A missing tooth doesn’t have to be gone forever. Don’t wait any longer to find a new reason to smile, with a variety of treatment options available. Call us today and see what’s right for you!

Dental Implants can replace one or more missing teeth with a variety of applications. Ask about your options today!

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