Modern Dentistry in Cordova and Collierville

At Sneed Dental Implants and Periodontal Center, we use state-of-the-art technology to assist us in delivering the best care to our patients. Both of our centers in Cordova and Collierville are equipped with the latest tools in the industry, which ensures you are getting the modern care you expect from our doctors, in the comfortable, compassionate environment you deserve.

Using advanced cone beam technology, this computed tomography (CT) scanner is crucial in implant dentistry. We opted for the highest degree of innovation when choosing our cone beam imaging device, as Dr. Sneed demands the most accurate diagnostic clarity possible. We use our Prexion scanner to identify the quality and health of your bone, determine appropriate implant placement, locate nerve positions, and treat periodontal disease. With three-dimensional imaging of your jaw, teeth, and sinuses, we’re able to ensure your safety, comfort, and healing.

Ever had a traditional dental impression taken? If so, then you know how uncomfortable those trays of clay-like material can be. Our iTero Impressionless Scanning System is a highlight of modern digital dentistry. Offering more accurately defined models of your mouth, the iTero scanner uses confocal imaging to pinpoint details and determine the size and shape of your teeth and mouth. Transferred in real-time, these scans are more comfortable for the patient, and require no messy mouthfuls of gooey material. In fact, Dr. Sneed can review the scan right away and make adjustments on the spot, ensuring you get the perfect fit with the most accurate scan.

When treating hard or soft tissue, using a highly-focused laser beam increases patient comfort and healing time. Hard tissue lasers offer precision when cutting into bone or tooth enamel, and are more effective than a scalpel or drill. Soft tissue lasers minimize damage to surrounding tissue and make the whole process quicker. Because the laser seals blood vessels and nerve endings, there is little to no post-operative pain, and sculpting gum tissue is easier for both you and Dr. Sneed.

Our digital x-rays are the perfect way to easily share images with you, and get a real view of what is happening beneath the surface. Digital x-rays expose you to less radiation than traditional film imaging, and deliver high-quality, high-resolution pictures that show a great level of detail. Using these images as a starting point, we can determine any areas of concern, evaluate the health of remaining natural teeth, and identify the best course of treatment.

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