Single-Tooth Implants

No More Missing Out

Decay. Trauma. Gum disease. Whatever the reason for losing a tooth, dental implants are the replacement option most like your natural teeth in both appearance and function.

Single-tooth dental implants have a variety of benefits over other methods of replacing teeth, such as fixed bridges, because they actually help maintain your oral health, and don’t rely on neighboring teeth for support. A single implant doesn’t require any healthy teeth to be adjusted or reduced in order to be placed.

Additionally, because an implant acts as a “root”, the bone is less susceptible to deterioration, a common long-term issue after tooth loss, and remaining teeth won’t shift to compensate for the missing tooth. You’ll positively impact the health of your gums and teeth, and unlike the risk with a bridge, your gums won’t recede over time. They are so close to the real thing, you may just forget it’s not your natural tooth. You can bite, chew, and speak normally. Implants are durable, and many last a lifetime with proper care.

The Implant Process

Once you’ve determined that dental implants are right for you, it’s time to discover your beautiful, new smile. We’ll keep you comfortable throughout your treatment and ensure every one of your needs is met.

In the first step of the process, your doctor will place a cylindrical titanium post, which looks kind of like a screw, directly into your jawbone. Next, your gums are given time to heal, during which the bone fuses to the implant, anchoring it securely. A support, called an abutment, is added and will hold your prosthetic restoration. Once your gums are ready, Dr. Sneed can restore the implant. She’ll place a skillfully crafted porcelain crown on the post, bonding it permanently. Now, when you smile, all you’ll see is a beautifully matched, natural-looking tooth that blends perfectly with your other teeth.

Don’t let a single missing tooth diminish your confidence. Restore it with dental implants from Sneed Dental Implants and Periodontal Center.

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